30 November 2007


Scarlet is a song by Dawnstar and it was released on 30 November 2007 on Change The World EP. The song first was recorded for the demo A Metrosexual's Confessions but with different lyrics. Wind rewrote the lyrics in 2007. In addition, he changed the tune of the chorus just before the recording in 2007. The first version of the lyrics was about personal feelings, while the second calls the attention for the situation of abused women in Hungary.


Scarlet needs some cocaine
She needs to earn her bread again
She goes to work in the night
Although she knows that’s not right

Everybody uses her
Everybody likes her curls
Everybody knows this girl
Everybody in this world

Scarlet works in the street
Cause she cannot make both ends meet
She gives some love to get some dope
She cannot quit there’s no hope
Scarlet needs some cocaine again