18 June 2016


Dawnstar's 26th concert was held on 18 June 2016 at Classic Rock Coffee in Budapest, Hungary. The concert was organised by the band members. First the concert was scheduled for an earlier date but due to changes of the opening hours of shops in Hungary the band had to change the date of the concert.

The concert at the Classic Rock Coffee set the record of the longest set list in the band's life (18 in total). In addition this was the first concert where the band was paid for (30, 000 HUF).

The original set list consisted even more songs such as Pearl Jam's Immortality, Splendid Solitude, and Until This Day. However, during the concert the band abandoned these songs.

The concert was expected to be played in high temperature but luckily on the day of the concert the temperature was moderate. In addition, the hall was equipped with air conditioner.

1. Viktor Albert - drums
2. Bálint Hamvas - bass
3. Attila Wind - vocals & guitars

1. Viktor Albert
- drums: Tama
2. Bálint Hamvas
- guitar(s): Ibanez GXBA-150
- amp: Behringer
3. Attila Wind
- guitar(s): Fender Telecaster
- amp: Laney CUB 12
- effects: Boss BF-3Boss CE-5Boss SD-1EHX #1 Echo

01. London Nights
02. Cougar De Luxe
03. I Will Follow
04. Scarlet
05. Arvensina
06. Ophelia
07. Boys Don't Cry
08. Live Today
09. Believe
10. Almost Every Flame Will Fade Away
11. The Eighth Deadly Sin
12. Panic
13. In Heaven We Meet Again
14. Love's Gonna Be Tender
15. About A Girl
16. Giulia
17. Change The World
18. Never Say Die