1 January 2000

Attila Wind

Attila Wind is a songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist. He is best known as the lead singer-songwriter and guitarist of the alternative rock band, Dawnstar.

Musical influences
Wind started to become interested in music during his childhood. His uncle regularly copied his cassettes such as Pink Floyd, Jesus Christ Superstar and Deep Purple to Wind. In addition, Wind's father was also a music fan who listened to various artists. 
However, the biggest influence on him was the arrival of the MTV era in Hungary. When he first listened to the song Smells Like Teen Spirit on MTV he was hooked on immediately. He recalls: "when I first heard Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit, I decided to be Kurt Cobain". He started nagging his parents that he would like to get a guitar. Finally, in grade 2 he received his first acoustic guitar and he was enrolled to a music school to learn to play the guitar. However, at school Wind had to learn traditional folk songs which Wind did not like that much at that time. So after one year he left the music school and started to learn to play the guitar by himself. Wind said: I remember going to libraries and copy music sheets and then taking home and learning the songs by myself. I really enjoyed doing it," 

The following is a list of the gear Attila Wind used during recordings, concerts or rehearsals. Some of the items of equipment he purchased, borrowed or leased.

01. Admira Paloma (Spanish guitar)
02. Beyerdynamic Opus 29S (microphone)
03. Boss BCB-30 (guitar effect pedal board)
04. Boss BCB-60 (guitar effect pedal board)
05. Boss BF-3 (effect pedal)
06. Boss CE-5 (effect pedal)
07. Boss OS-2 (effect pedal)
08. Boss SD-1 (effect pedal)
09. Boss TR-2 (effect pedal)
10. Dunlop FFM3 (effect pedal)
11. EHX #1 Echo (effect pedal)
12. Epiphone Casino (arch top guitar)
13. Epiphone LP Special II (electric guitar)
14. Fender California (instrument cable)
15. Fender CD60-CE (acoustic guitar)
16. Fender Telecaster (electric guitar)
17. Ibanez RX40 (electric guitar)
18. Korg CA-20 (tuner)
19. Laney HC25 (amp)
20. Laney CUB 12 (amp)
21. Lewitz CP-09 (tuner)
22. MXR Il Torino Overdrive (effect pedal)
23. Proel (foot switch)
24. TC Electronic PolyTune 2 (tuner)
25. Zoom 505 II (effect pedal)
26. Zoom 606 (effect pedal)

(in chronological order)
01. Admira Paloma (1995-present)
02. Ibanez RX40 (1998-present)
03. Epiphone LP Special II (2007-present)
04. Fender CD60-CE (2012-2016)
05. Epiphone Casino (2015-present)
06. Fender Telecaster (2016-present)

Attila Wind's effect pedals can be categorised as the following:
1. Distortion
2. Overdrive
3. Fuzz
4. Modulation
5. Delay

(in chronological order)
01. Zoom 505 II (in use: 2001-2004)
02. Zoom 606 (in use: 2004-2007)
03. Boss TR-2 (is use: 2002-2007)
04. Boss CE-5 (in use: 2007-present)
05. Boss OS-2 (in use: 2007-2016)
06. Boss SD-1 (in use: 2008-present)
07. Boss BF-3 (in use: 2008-present)
08. Electro-Harmonix #1 Echo (in use: 2015-present)
09. Dunlop FFM3 (in use: 2016-present)
10. MXR Il Torino Overdrive (in use: 2017-present)
The Rig (2016)

Since Wind visited a website on David Gilmour's gear, he has paid much attention to the amp he uses. Wind received his first amp in 1998 a transistor amp which he used it regularly. However, during concerts he used several other types of amps.

1. Laney HC25 (1998-present)
2. Laney CUB 12 (2016- present)

Wind had only one amp a Laney HC25 between 1998 and 2016. However, during concerts he has used several different amps which were mainly rented.
The Laney HC25
Wind has been using a Laney CUB 12 since 2016. He first used at the Classic Rock Coffee on 18 June 2016.

The Laney CUB 12

03. TC Electronic PolyTune 2 (2016-present)