1 January 2000


The following is a list of the gear Dawnstar used during recordings and concerts. Some of the gear is possessed, leased or borrowed by the band.

List by alphabetic order:
01. Admira Paloma
02. Amati
03. Behringer
04. Beyerdynamic Opus 29S
05. Boss BCB-30
06. Boss BCB-60
07. Boss BF-3
08. Boss CE-5
09. Boss OS-2
10. Boss SD-1
11. Boss TR-2
12. Casio
13. Dunlop FFM3
14. EHX #1 Echo
15. Epiphone Casino
16. Epiphone LP Special II
17. Fender California
18. Fender CD60-CE
19. Fender Telecaster
20. Korg CA-20
21. Kurzweil K2500
22. Ibanez RX40
23. Ibanez GXBA-150
24. Ibanez TRB80
25. Laney HC25
26. Laney HC25B
27. Laney CUB 12
28. Lewitz CP-09
29. Meinl
30. MXR Il Torino Overdrive
31. Proel
32. Tama RockStar
33. TC Electronic PolyTune2
34. Zildjian
35. Zoom 505 II
36. Zoom 506II
37. Zoom 606
38. Yamaha CS1x

List by user:
Albert Viktor used/uses:
Amati (drum kit)
Meinl (cymbals)
Tama RockStar (drum kit)
Zildjian (cymbal set)

Bálint Hamvas used/uses: Behringer (amp)
Ibanez GXBA-150 (electric bass guitar)
Ibanez TRB80 (electric bass guitar)
Laney HC25B (amp)
Zoom 506II (effect pedal)

Anna Mitropulos uses/used:
Casio (synthesizer) 
Kurzweil K2500 (synthesizer) 
Yamaha CS1x (synthesizer)

Attila Wind used/used:
Admira Paloma (Spanish guitar)
Beyerdynamic Opus 29S (microphone)
Boss BCB-30 (guitar effect pedal board)
Boss BCB-60 (guitar effect pedal board)
Boss BF-3 (effect pedal)
Boss CE-5 (effect pedal)
Boss OS-2 (effect pedal)
Boss SD-1 (effect pedal)
Boss TR-2 (effect pedal)
Dunlop FFM3 (effect pedal)
EHX #1 Echo (effect pedal)
Epiphone Casino (arch top guitar)
Epiphone LP Special II (electric guitar)
Fender California (instrument cable)
Fender CD60-CE (acoustic guitar)
Fender Telecaster (electric guitar)
Ibanez RX40 (electric guitar)
Korg CA-20 (chromatic tuner)
Laney HC25 (amp)
Laney CUB 12 (amp)
Lewitz CP-09 (chromatic tuner)
MXR Il Torino Overdrive (effect pedal) (new)
Proel (foot switch)
TC Electronic PolyTune2 (tuner)
Zoom 505 II (effect pedal)
Zoom 606 (effect pedal)