1 April 2000

Until This Day

Until This Day is a song by Hungarian rock band Dawnstar. It is the eighth track from the band's second demo, Vanity Star (2000). The music and lyrics were written by Attila Wind around 2000. The song uses a verse-chorus form and it was modeled on Nirvana's Lithium. The lyrics reveal a relationship where love and hate are present at the same time.

Someday the air is cold
My mind is clear my soul is sold
Please forgive me let me to meet
I want to show life can be sweet

One day I'm alone
Give me a way if you have more
Tell me again why were you sad
I'll understand you're in my head

Don't hate me until this day
Don't love me until this day
Don't want me until this day
Don't need me until this day

Someday I'm in a mud
but everything turns into bud
Life is around you and in you
My mind is clear I feel blue

One day I'm not mild
Don't get me wrong don't make me wild
I just want you you to be mine
I don't want to stand in your line

How can I help you?
How can I feed you?
How can I kill you?
Until this day