30 November 2007

Change The World

Change The World is a song by Dawnstar and it was released on 30 November 2007 on Change The World EP. It is the title track of the eponymous EP. The music was written by Attila Wind around 2006 and it was first recorded for the demo A Metrosexual's Confessions, but later the band decided to rerecord it in 2007. The lyrics reflects the band members' political criticism. During concerts Wind used to exchange the words "hypocrite leaders" with actual political leaders.


Stop dreaming about the Utopian ideas
It’s time we rebelled let’s not waste more years
Stop lazing about in the ivory tower
It’s time we rose up let’s seize the power

Stop coming to terms with false explanations
It’s time we revealed it to our generation
Stop admiring hypocrite leaders
It’s time we impeached all the dictators

Only together we can change the world

Stop disregarding the beautiful nature
It’s time we realized we’re all in danger
Stop thinking about another solution
It’s time we started our revolution

Together we can save the earth again