30 November 2007

Change The World EP

Change The World is the first EP by Dawnstar. It was released on 30 November 2007.

Released: 30 November 2007
Recorded: 24-25 July 2006; 2-3 November 2007
Studio 1: Abnormal Studio, Budapest
Studio 2: None
Genre: Indie rock
Language: English
Label: None
Producer: Dawnstar
Singles: None
Music: Dawnstar
Lyrics: Attila Wind

The idea of recording of the album came in spring 2007. The band was not satisfied with the quality of the A Metrosexual's Confessions demo, therefore they decided to choose some songs from the 2006 demo to record them in a better quality. The band returned to the same studio where the 2006 demo's drum recording was taken place at the Abnormal studios.

Track listing
2. Scarlet

Attila Wind - vocals and guitars
Anna Mitropulos - keyboards
Viktor Albert - drums

Additional musicians
Zoltán Takács - keyboards on "Scarlet"

Technical staff and artwork
László Philipp - recording, mixing and mastering
Zoltán Takács - recording
Attila Wind - cover photo & design