1 February 2001

Tama RockStar

The Tama RockStar has been Viktor Albert's drum kit since February 2001.

No other drum has come to personify pro features at an affordable price like Rockstar. Not so many years ago, only our most elite kits were equipped with sophisticated features such as the Star-Cast Mounting System, foldable spurs, and the MTH900 modular rack tom mount. Now these features are standard with the very affordable Rockstar line. Rockstar kits are also available with 18” deep bass drums, a feature previously exclusive to much more costly kits.

RD 522DS

RD522DS Drum Shell Kit
RDB22D 16"x 22" Bass Drum 1
RDT12D 10"x 12" Tom Tom 1
RDT13D 11"x 13" Tom Tom 1
RDF16D 16"x 16" Floor Tom 1
RD155N 5 1/2"x14" Snare Drum 1
MTH900M Tom Holder 1
HR5W Hardware Kit
HH75W Hi-Hat Stand 1
HS70W Snare Stand 1
HP200 Drum Pedal 1
HC72W Straight Cymbal Stand 1
HC73BW Boom Cymbal Stand 1 R

The Tama RockStar is pictured during the shooting of In Heaven We Meet Again video in 2015