30 March 2002


Arvensina (or Orchidea) is a song by Dawnstar. It is the second song on Never Say Die EP, released on 30 March 2002. The music and lyrics were written by Wind in 1999 for Vanity Star and recorded on 1 April by Ansellia. The song was rerecorded for the Never Say Die EP at Pick-up Studio.


First version recorded for the Vanity Star demo by Ansellia.

It's the final way
to tell me this day
please help me at all
never let me fall

Ain't got no sun
Ain't got no fun
Ain't got no moon
Ain't got no noon

I only want to know
why did she cry
I only want to know
why did she lie

oh my Arvensina

when the dreams will sleep
you hold me so deep
in this crazy world
never say just words

oh my beautiful Arvensina

Second version recorded for the Never Say Die demo by Dawnstar.

I would die anew
As a lonely dew
On thy bloom in woe
Cause my love's aglow

Ain't got thou now
Ain't got no nay way
Now don't wanna fade away
Now don't wanna straightaway

I would sleep in breeze
Underneath thy leaves
On the moonlit shore
Just for evermore