16 April 2005


Dawnstar's 4th concert was held on 16 April 2005 at Gödör Klub in Budapest, Hungary. The concert was organised by Bálint Hamvas.
In 2005 Bálint Hamvas was working for a local charity which organised an event at Gödör Klub at the center of Budapest. Hamvas talked about the idea of a possible concert at the event in early March 2005. However, he said the likelihood is pretty small that Dawnstar would play at the event. In late March it turned out that one band from the list withdrew which offered the possibility for the band.
In April 2005 Dawnstar were only a trio but this chance of playing in front of a lot of people urged the band to recruit another musician for the show. In 2005 Attila Wind was teaching Italian to Anna Mitropulos who was also a professional pianist. Just a week before the show Wind asked Mitropulos to join the band for a show at the Gödör Klub. Mitropulos had only a week to learn a couple of songs which she did pretty well.

Viktor Albert - drums
Bálint Hamvas - bass
Anna Mitropulos - synthesizer 
Attila Wind - vocals & guitars

Bálint Hamvas - Ibanez TRB80
Anna Mitropulos - Yamaha (borrowed)
Attila Wind - Ibanez RX40, Marshall (borrowed)


The poster of the Ökofeszt event