16 April 2005

Anna Mitropulos

Anna Diána Mitropulos (2 July 1986) is a Hungarian keyboardist. She is best known as the keyboardist of the Hungarian indie rock band Dawnstar. She joined Dawnstar in 2005 just a week before the band gave concert at the Ökofeszt at the Gödör klub in Budapest, Hungary on 16 April 2005.
She started dating with band member Bálint Hamvas from around 2007 and their relationship lasted until 2010. The couple were able to harmonize band duties and their personal relationship in the beginning but from 2009 the couple's continuous argument affected the band' life. Dawnstar singer Attila Wind often acted as a mediator between Hamvas and Mitropulos. After several discussions with band members Mitropulos was excluded from band activities and Dawnstar decided to continue as a trio.
Her departure from Dawnstar has never been announced official by any band members but she has never played the keyboard since 8 October 2011. Her return to Dawnstar has not been revealed yet.

Musical influences
Mitropulos is a keen music fan and she spends her free time with singing and playing the piano. Although her musical influences rooted in classical music, she became a true rock fan during her years in Dawnstar.

01. Casio (16.04.2005 borrowed)
02. Yamaha CS1x (2006-present)
03. Kurzweil K2500 (24.09.2006 borrowed)

Mitropulos first show with Dawnstar was on 16 April 2005. She played a borrowed Yamaha.

Mitropulos pictured playing a Yamaha on 16 April 2005 during her debut concert
Yamaha CS1x (2006-present)
Mitropulos's main synthesizer was the Yamaha CS1x from around 2006 which used during rehearsals and concerts.

Mitropulos pictured playing a Kurzweil on 24 September 2006

Mitropulos playing a Kurzweil (24.09.2006)

Mitropulos playing Yamaha CS1x at Rézmál Kávézó on 8 October 2011
Mitropulos playing a Yamaha CS1x at Donakanaltreiben Festival on 6 June 2009