11 November 2005

Szerb Antal Gimnázium

The Szerb Antal Gimnázium was the venue for three Dawnstar concerts. The secondary school is located in the 16th district (Cinkota) of Budapest.
Although none of the Dawnstar members attended Szerb Antal Gimnázium, the band regularly played shows at the youth club of the institution.
All of the Dawnstar concerts at the Szerb Antal Gimnázium were organized by Antónia Palotás, who was friend with the band members. The first show was played on 11 November 2005.

Address: 12 Batthányi Ilona utca 1164 Budapest

1. 11.11.2005 - Szerb Antal Klub
2. 27.10.2006 - Szerb Antal Klub
3. 25.05.2007 - Szerb Antal Klub