24 September 2006

Zsombor Havass

Zsombor Havass is a Hungarian guitarist. He was the guitarist of Dawnstar for three months. He played only one show with the band on 24.09.2006. at Erzsébetliget Opean Air Festival.
Attila Wind, hanging out with Viktória Sereg and some friends, got acquainted with Havass in summer of 2006 in front of Holdudvar in Budapest. They started talking and they found out that they have a lot in common. Just one day after their first meeting at night they contacted each other and showed their ideas to form a band. Wind was also excited since that time Dawnstar was not flourishing as he wished. However, after awhile Wind told Havass that he has a band, called Dawnstar. Wind also showed the songs of the band and later offered Havass a place in the band as a solo guitarist. 
As a member of Dawnstar, Havass started rehearsing with the band. His enthusiasm was welcomed by band mates, except for Bálint Hamvas who was quite suspicious about the actions Havass wanted to take to increase the band's popularity. It turned out that between Havass and Hamvas there was a conflict and tension which needed resolution.
During the rehearsal for the Erzsébetliget Open Air concert Havass told Wind that he might leave the band after the concert. So on 24 September 2006 Havass's ephemeral membership was terminated mutually.

Havass playing at the Erzsébetliget Open Air concert in 2006

Havass playing at the Erzsébetliget Open Air concert in 2006

Dawnstar in 5