24 September 2006


Dawnstar's eighth concert was held on 24 September 2006 at the Erzsébetligeti Színház, Budapest, Hungary. This concert has been the only gig when the band performed as a quintet. This concert was the debut and also the farewell of Dawnstar guitarist, Zsombor Havass.
The concert became famous for the complications with the guitar amps. Before the concert Havass offered Wind to plug in his guitar into the amp so that they can use only one amp during the concert. However, it turned out during the concert that the sound was unacceptable. Therefore, Wind stopped playing the guitar from the second half of the show and he just sang. However, Wind became so angry that he was blaming the organizers for the band quality of the show. Later the band was offered to play another show on 30.11.2006. at the Erzsébetliget Színház.

Viktor Albert - drums
Bálint Hamvas - bass
Zsombor Havass - guitar
Anna Mitropulos - keyboard
Attila Wind - vocals & guitars

Bálint Hamvas - Ibanez TRB80,
Zsombor Havass - Epiphone Les Paul
Anna Mitropulos - Kurzweil