5 October 2006

A Metrosexual's Confessions

A Metrosexual's Confessions is the second demo released by Dawnstar. It was released in 2006.

Released: 2006
Recorded: 2006
Studio 1: Abnormal Studios, Budapest
Studio 2: Dawnstar Studio, Budapest
Genre: Psychedelic rock
Language: English/Italian
Label: None
Producer: Dawnstar
Singles: None
Music: Dawnstar
Lyrics: Attila Wind

The band decided to record their third demo after the debut demo Vanity Star (2000), and their second release as Never Say Die (2002) in 2006. Attila Wind composed four new songs for this album (Change The WorldScarlet, Don't Die A Martyr for Me, Believe). However, Change The World, Scarlet, and Don't Die A Martyr For Me were rerecorded at the Abnormal Studios in 2007 and the recording was released as Change The World EP in November 2007. The demo starts with Change The World with a catchy chorus, although based on a very simple riff. The song's lyrics is about globalism, politics, corruption, and global warming. Since all four band members were interested in this topic to some extent, it was easy for the lyricist, Attila Wind, to persuade the band members about the choice of the topic. The second track on demo, Scarlet, explores a relationship in which one of the parties were offended. The lyrics were totally rewritten for the band's debut EP, Change The World (red it here). Let The Sun Shine, taken from the band's first demo, Vanity (2000), but rerecorded for the album with different lyrics. Believe was written by Attila Wind as an encouragement for his father who had chronic illness at the time of recording. Giulia was written by Attila Wind during his stay in Trieste in Italy. Giulia has been the only song with Italian lyrics. However, the first version of this song was written in English. Splendid Solitude was written by Attila Wind, Bálint Hamvas and Viktor Albert around 2002 and 2003. This song reflects the band's genre-switch from grunge to psychedelia. 

Track listing

1. Change The World
2. Scarlet
3. Don't Die A Martry For Me

Attila Wind - vocals and guitars
Anna Mitropulos - keyboards
Viktor Albert - drums

Technical staff and artwork
László Philipp & Zoltán Takács - recording (drums)
Bálint Hamvas - recording (vocals, guitars, keyboards)
Bálint Hamvas - mixing and mastering
Mária Wind - cover painting
Attila Wind - cover design