5 October 2006

Let The Sun Shine

Let The Sun Shine (or Let In The Sunshine) was released on 5 October 2006. The first version of the song was released on 1 April 2000 on the Vanity Star demo. However, for the 2006 demo Attila Wind wrote different lyrics. The first version of Let The Sun Shine was a copy of Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit. However, the band made several changes to the song between 2000 and 2006. The first most noticeable change can be observed in the verse which became less intense for the 2006 version. The lyrics for the 2006 version deals with global warming which was a recurrent theme in Attila Wind's poetry around 2000. 


Birds can’t see when they fly
Smog covers the navy sky
Dying seals swim in oil
Acid rain soaks the soil

Do we need an enemy to destroy the humanity?

Poisoned seas are murky grey
Blue whales writhe in the bay
Can you see the ozone hole?
People hurt the nature’s soul

Let the sun shine
Light the way again
Let the birds fly
Far and far away
Let them be alive
It’s never too late