5 October 2006

Splendid Solitude

Splendid Solitude was released on A Metrosexual's Confessions demo on 5 October 2006. The track was composed by Wind, Hamvas and Albert around 2004. They also played on 19 April 2005 at the Ecofest at the Gödör Klub. The length of the track is 10:56 which has been the longest song od the band so far. The composition of the song was mainly influenced by the songs on Pink Floyd's Live in Pompeii record. The lyrics was affected by Cobain's lyricism.

I got lost in the maze of emotions again
Marijuana smoke covers my acid brain
Nobody loves me and my efforts are in vain
I want to die I slowly open my veins

Take me home again

I’m metro-sexual and prone to suicide in deed
Mescaline and Dexedrine these are all I need
I’m so decadent and addicted to the weed
Always depressed and negative I run to seed