8 October 2011

Rézmál Kávézó

The Rézmál Kávézó or Rézmál Kávézó és Terasz was the venue for Dawnstar's concert on 8 October 2011. The Rézmál Kávézó can be found in Buda side of Budapest. The concert was mainly organized by Viktor Albert who lived just a few miles from the venue.
The Rézmál Kávézó offered concert opportunities for bands from Budapest or elsewhere in the early 2010s. There were two stages for gigs in the pub. One was located in the one end of the bar, while the other was located on the left side of the Rézmál. The main problem was with the stage in the end that there was a column, however with mirrors, which obstructed the view from the stage and onto the stage also. The problem with the stage on the left side was that its size was too small for a band with four members.
Address: 5/a Marczibányi tér 1022 Budapest

Dawnstar playing at Rézmál Kávézó in 2011

Dawnstar playing at Rézmál Kávézó in 2011