8 October 2011

Live at Rézmál Kávézó és Terasz

On 8 October 2011, we played at the Rézmál Kávézó és Terasz in Budapest. This was the last show with our keyboardist, Anna Mitropulos, who had been the member of the band since 2005. During the show you could hear almost every song by Dawnstar. Here is the full list: 1. Scarlet, 2. Under Your Wings, 3. Don't Die A Martyr For Me, 4. Flame, 5. Sleep As You Want, 6. Let The Sun Shine, 7. Giulia, 8. About A Girl, 9. Never Say Die, 10. Eighth Deadly Sin, 11. Believe, 12. Arvensina, 13. London, 14. Denied Again, 15. In Heaven We Meet Again, 16. Change The World,  17. Live Today. We hope that you could see the full show live, unless you can watch it live: Dawnstar - Live @ Rézmál Kávézó és Terasz