8 October 2011


Dawnstar's 23rd concert was held on 8 October 2011 at Rézmál Kávézó és Terasz in Budapest, Hungary. The concert was organised by Viktor Albert who lived near to the café. In 2011 the band had inner conflicts between keyboardist keyboardist Anna Mitropulos and bass player Bálint Hamvas. As it turned out this was the last concert with keyboardist Anna Mitropulos who a couple of months later left the band.

The organization for this gig took a couple of months for the band. Initially, Attila Wind asked his student, Gábor Pongó, who played the guitar in his band called ZAP whether they would like to play at the gig. However, just two weeks before the concert Gábor Pongó cancelled his band's participation. Finally, Bálint Hamvas asked his friend, Bernadett Vanyuscsák, who was the lead singer of Matild in 2011. Matild was a tribute band and they played covers at the gig. 

Other bands:

1. Viktor Albert - drums
2. Bálint Hamvas - bass
3. Anna Mitropulos - keyboard
4. Attila Wind - vocals & guitars

1. Viktor Albert
- drums: Tama
2. Bálint Hamvas
- guitar(s): Ibanez GXBA-150
- amp: Behringer
3. Anna Mitropulos
- keyboard: Yamaha CS1x
4. Attila Wind
- guitar(s): Epiphone Les Paul Special II, Ibanez RX40
- amp: Hiwatt
- effects: Boss BF-3Boss CE-5Boss SD-1

Set list:
01. Scarlet
02. Under Your Wings
03. Don't Die A Martyr For Me
04. Flame
05. Sleep As You Want 
06. Let The Sun Shine
07. Giulia
08. About A Girl (Nirvana)
09. Never Say Die
10. The Eighth Deadly Sin
11. Believe
12. Arvensina
13. London
14. Denied Again
15. In Heaven We Meet Again
16. Change The World 
17. Live Today