16 May 2013

Cougar De Luxe

Cougar De Luxe is a song by Dawnstar. It is the fifth track from the band's first LP, Saturnine Valentines, released on 16 May 2013. Both music and lyrics were written by Attila Wind. The song is an ironic pop-rock song. It tells the story of a young man who falls in love with an older woman. It was first played live on 18 June 2016 at Classic Rock Coffee.

Album: Saturnine Valentines
Released: 16 May 2013
Format: CD
Recorded: 2012
Genre: Rock
Length: 3:33
Label: None
Music: Attila Wind
Lyrics: Attila Wind
Producer: Attila Wind
Certification: None
Music video: None


I like your cool design
Don’t be so saturnine
Just be my valentine
I like you baby

I like your shiny hair
How it flies in the air
I know that you don’t care
I like you baby

I see you don’t wanna feel alone baby
I see you don’t wanna let me go away

I like your funky style
Your sweet angelic smile
It drives me mad awhile
I like you baby

I like your pretty face
My heart has been ablaze
For long and lonely days
I like you baby

Cougar De Luxe is being played at Classic Rock Coffee on 18 June 2016